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Address: Block C4,Mei Hua Mei Industrial Park, Rd. Zhenmei,

Guang Ming District.Guang Dong Province, PRC

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Shenzhen Honyton Machinery Co., Ltd.



The brand HONYTON is owned by Shenzhen Honyton Machinery Co., Ltd. The most famous brand in industry.

We are the one of the manufactories which has complete and diversified choices in specifications, configurations and prices, to meet the markets and customers.

Our core strengths are service, safety and technology

The services we emphasis here are not just before or after sale service in which the only target is deal. Our service is a process and systemic work penetrating all life of the fan, Starting from the explanation of the products, site survey, selecting right specifications and configurations, fan location and layout, on-line consulting and training, annual site maintenance and safety check, location removing and upgrading of the components or fan, we live our quality service in every detail. We are the only one to care about you not only on your purchase decision but also on your feelings in daily use.

The safety here is not just a Product Insurance which is more in name than reality, not an individual components or advice, Ours is a safety chain consisting of three relatively independent sub-chains, which transmit the safety from parts mounting on the roof to blade based on systemic analysis of whole evaluation for safety. 

In each sub-chain or circle there are 2-3 self-lock device to secure the reliable connection, in which transverse peg, holding design of transmitting key are unique and innovative in industry. 

We are the first one to initiate the collision test of the rotating blades and convinced the customers that Honyton is the best one in reliability and safe connection. 

Our innovative technology is not a simply copy or insubstantiality change of foreign HVLS fans, we have developed completely new design in hub, anti-falling device and blade. Our unique and revolutionary hub contributes a 100% reliability of anti-falling device with best money-value.

Our twisted, variable section and end tilted up blade performs much better that of extruded and equal width ones in air amount and coverage.

Honyton had applied the certifications of CE, FCC, ROHS, and destructive tests on key components, the only one to carry out collision test to rotating blade. 

We are widely recognized by major e-commerce, logistic co., express co., and machinery industry etc. and we are the top company be awarded the projects in open tender.

Honyton is the leading company in export business in industry in China and in some South East market we are No.1 in market share.