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Address: Block C4,Mei Hua Mei Industrial Park, Rd. Zhenmei,

Guang Ming District.Guang Dong Province, PRC

Customer service QQ: 1283464599 (8:00-22:00 online) Customer service SKYPE:honytonfan (Workday 8:00-18:00 online)

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Shenzhen Honyton Machinery Co., Ltd. 粤ICP备13021275号-3

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Shenzhen Honyton Machinery Co., Ltd.



Manufacturing department is our most competitive and proud of division.

Honyton is the only one in industry who can self-made blade, our workshops also manufacture integrated blade with handle, mount kits, motor frame, hub components and integrated hub, assemble control panel, all of those production are carried out in our own workshops.

< Honyton View> will show you our real capacity of manufacture, process by process, equipment by equipment through the camera to convince our customers and let them feel to visit the manufactory in person.

The continuous investment on equipment and machines will increase our competence and maintain our strengths in cost, quality control, protection of intellectual properties and product improvement.

Finally the complete production line and advanced capacity in manufacture will ensure Honyton always contributes first class products to our customers.