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In very competitive market, almost all of the manufacturers focus on pre-sale activities to enlarge their market share, the only target of the sales is signing a deal! Few of them is really care about after-sale service, and care about the use feelings. 

After purchase, the users are only care about capacity committed to them in after-sale service, especially in trouble shooting support and fan shifting installation, The frequent complains from those customers were no response at all to their requests for  shifting installation, or be quoted an unbelievable price. 

Honyton is the only leading manufacturer breaking above business rules.

The core strength of Honyton is Service, Safety & Technology. 

First, enough resources have been invested to commit the service promises;

Second, internal team carry out all of the after-sale service such site survey, installation, trouble shooting and shifting installation, not just outsource those works to ensure the quality and punctuality;

Third, the service processes and rules are clearly listed and be executed, which ensure our service built on systems, not a verbal instruction. 

Finally, built a service team includes sales guy and fitters, those multi-channels can ensure the voice from customers be clearly heard and corrective action be taken immediately. 

Our services are widely recognized by well-known companies, such as, Jing Dong etc. After years observation on service and committed capacity, Honyton is awarded the service contract including daily maintenance, trouble shooting and shifting installation for all of the using fans by those famous companies. 


Benefits/functions & Application Condition

Comparison Contents

(7300mm)D24 HVLS fan

Industrial floor fan

Unit fan power ( kw)

1.5 kw

0.3  kw

The effective area by unit fan (㎡ )

≧ 1400 ㎡

 ≌ 30 ㎡

The wanted quantity for coverage of 1400 ㎡


≧ 45

Total power needed for the fans to be effective in 1400 ㎡

1.5 kw

13.5 kw

Accumulated consuming power of the year (150 days/ per year, 10 hr./per day)

2250 kw

20250 kw

Life period of unit fan

≧ 20 years

≦ 2years

Evaluation on the safety of the workers and unobstructed transportation in workshop




Three Main Functions of HVLS Fan

Interior comfort by cooling and ventilation

A slowly rotating HVLS fan can move huge amounts of air which will provide a nature evaporative cooling effect of 5 - 7℃.

Drying surface of the goods and dispelling contaminative air inside

In humid season, huge amounts of air pass through the surface of the goods to carry off the humid air, which can avoid mustiness. Besides, in low-pressure months, the noxious or contaminative air, such as welding gas, may float in midair, a huge amounts of air by HVLS fan can break the air layer and mix fresh air, or drive it away to outside.

Heat de-stratification

In winter, high facilities can have 15 difference in temperature from floor to ceiling, HVLS fan mix the tapped warmer air from the ceiling with the cooler air down at floor level to create a more uniform temperature throughout the facilities. Help saving 20% or more in heating cost.