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The HVLS fan market growing rapidly both in application fields and installation amounts, so Honyton’s R&D teams have been launching more and more new or innovative products to meet the requirements.

We had initially launched HX series fan which applied in low interior height about 4 – 7 meters;

An innovative dock folding fan with LED light will be launched to comfort the workers who need to load/unload the goods inside the container or truck box in hot summer;

Launching an economic model of HK series for large quantity installations in logistic warehouses or massive mechanical workshops;

An new concept control box without radiator fan will be launched to reduce the maintenance cost and break down rate; 

The first and initial punching formed blade featured with twisted contour and variable radial direction;

Patented and innovative hub with anti-falling and vibrating isolation functions;

The only real case in industry to introduce and cooperate with international fan manufactures -Aeratron, and BLDC motor supplier – ETM;


The listed highlights proven Honyton are the real and only one which is very strong in R&D capacity, respects foreign intellectual properties and be officially authorized to promote or install those advanced products


Further more, all new R&D products or imported components and products had been run 24 hours in months to test their reliability and functions which would ensure the maximum safety.