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Super Ceiling Fan Product Liability Insurance

Industry News
2018/04/09 20:20
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Safety? Safety! Use safety! Potential users of all oversized ceiling fans are repeatedly weighing, deciding and even confused when deciding whether to use this product!
Safety? Safety! Use safety! Potential users of all oversized ceiling fans are repeatedly weighing, deciding and even confused when deciding whether to use this product!
Assuming there is such a product liability insurance for oversized ceiling fan components, is the user safer?
HengzhengTong believes that the purchase of insurance can not change the user's security status, but only to the procurement department or purchase decision maker at least at the text level to get "safeguard" and work.
Is there any product liability insurance for oversized ceiling fans falling behind our "assumptions"?
At least we did not find!
In a general sense, an insurance company focuses on a type of insurance is the risk rate, or the loss rate, which can be calculated by the insurer need to pay the amount of coverage.
For insurance companies, the basis for calculating the loss ratio is the product's international, national or at least recognized industry standards, and then refer to the historical data of the loss ratio. Daily is the most common and the most widely used is the electrical part product liability insurance.
The large ceiling fan industry is a short-term and fast-developing environmental sunrise industry in both the international and domestic markets. At least in the searchable literature, there is no corresponding industry standard, especially the risk of falling blades or other components. Evaluation report, and corresponding safety manufacturing standards, installation standards.
Then, for laymen's insurance companies, without reference standards, without risk assessment formulas, and without historical data, how to reasonably and accurately calculate claims ratios to determine the appropriate amount of coverage becomes a difficult task, even It is impossible to complete the work.
Hengzhengtong’s proposal is that the customer should request the original insurance documentation of the product liability insurance claimed by the supplier to determine whether he can provide himself with a product liability insurance that can actually compensate for the risk of falling oversized ceiling fan components.
For a very large ceiling fan with a very simple control component, the liability of the product's electrical part is better than nothing, but its pertinence and effectiveness require the customer to make its own judgment.
At the very least, before the above industry standards can be applied to component falling product liability insurance, Heng Zhengtong takes the lead and promises itself to the customer to pay for the responsibility for falling components!
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