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What is the consistency of the blades of the Hengzheng Super Ceiling fan?

2018/04/20 10:32
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In view of the uniqueness and uniqueness of Hengzhengtong's large ceiling fan blades, we feel obligated and obliged to respond to and explain the consistency of the blades manufactured using the stamp
In view of the uniqueness and uniqueness of Hengzhengtong's large ceiling fan blades, we feel obligated and obliged to respond to and explain the consistency of the blades manufactured using the stamping process, because this is the cause of most questions and confusion. part.
For Hengzhengtong's large ceiling fan blades, the consistency should include two aspects: the consistency of the blade profile and the height consistency of the four blades on the horizontal surface after installation.
Conformity of appearance is related to manufacturing standards and process design.
The 5052 aluminum-magnesium alloy sheet used for the blades is from the Southwest Aluminum Products Group, a subsidiary of China Aluminum Corporation. Even including branch offices established by international giants in the country, Southwest Aluminum's products are rated first-rate. The Division is also a designated supplier of China Aerospace Industry.
The manufacturing process of the blades in the Hengzheng factory is:
CNC plasma cutting machine cutting aluminum → hot air drying aluminum plate → special mold stamping blade forming → welding machine closed blade into closed form → dedicated mold fixed point drilling installation of petiole.
From the manufacturing error:
The allowable error for CNC plasma cutting machines is 4 meters long and 1.5 meters wide aluminum plates with a diagonal error of ±3 mm and a size error of about 1.5 mm on a 7300 mm diameter fan blade.
The dimensional error of the special die stamping blade process can also be controlled at about 1mm.
After the stamping process, the blade closures are already attached to each other. The welding process of the closed blade does not produce distortion and deformation of the blade.
The installation of the petiole is accomplished by using a special tool to drill the holes to ensure the consistency of the blade profile, especially the windward angle data.
A large number of specially-manufactured blades on the custom-made blade consistency test stand were spot-checked at the factory. According to our test data, the consistency of the blade, especially the distortion of the tip of the blade at the blade tip, the error within the batch is controlled within 15 mm.
Hengzhengtong is the only company in the world that employs a detachable rubber vibration isolation cover. The role of the rubber isolation sleeve is to absorb the vibration generated by the rotation of the blades to prevent the resonance between the blades. When the external force impacts the blades, it can absorb the collision energy, protect the hub, the motor and the roof structure.
The diameter of the blade and the hub are inlaid with vibration isolation sleeves, which are not directly connected. When the blades are stationary and in operation, they have the effect of extruding and stretching the rubber isolation sleeve, and the rubber sleeve deforms within a very small range.
The design of the rubber isolation bushing has a hardness of 70 degrees, which is about 10% of the manufacturing error. Therefore, after the blade is installed, due to the hardness of the rubber isolation bushing, there may be 4 horizontal heights between the blades during stationary or operation. A slight difference, although it is difficult to observe this inconsistency with the naked eye.
Internationally, the blade with the highest linear velocity of the blade below 50 m/s is usually classified as a low-speed blade. For low-velocity blades, the blade dynamic balance and shape consistency affect the function of the fan's wind efficiency, air volume, and wind noise. Very small. The maximum blade speed of the super large ceiling fan during operation is about 20 m/s. As the product name advertises as “high air volume and low speed”, the above-mentioned error has almost negligible use of the product.
As the so-called "fish and bear's paw can not have both", taking into account the wind efficiency and safety of the stamping process blade, taking into account the outstanding safety role of rubber isolation sleeve, taking into account the above error does not affect the use of the product function, Hengzhengtong The blades of the stamping process are still manufactured and customers are recommended to use them.
Of course, in the spirit of pursuing the ultimate craftsmanship, Hengzheng Tong will continue to improve the production process, improve the level of manufacturing, and continuously improve the consistency of the product.
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