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Permanent magnet industrial large ceiling fan: What affects the air volume and logistics of large industrial ceiling fans

Super large industrial ceiling fans, due to their advantages of large air volume and low energy consumption, have gradually been promoted in fields such as workshops, warehouses, logistics, and commercial venues, making significant contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction in China. So, what are the factors that affect the airflow of super large industrial ceiling fans? Fan design, why do industrial ceiling fans with the same diameter cover different areas? This is all due to the design of industrial ceiling fans.


Permanent magnet industrial large ceiling fan: the effect of logistics large fan

Logistics fans are also mainly used to cool the surrounding environment, in some hot air intensive environments. It needs to drive the surrounding airflow to lower the ambient temperature. It provides convenience for workers working in such a dense environment. The environment is a bit comfortable. Logistics large fans with good heat dissipation performance should have good heat dissipation performance. After continuous rotation for over an hour, both the casing of the logistics fan and the front motor of the motor have temperature, but both have temperature. It won't get hot. If you want to know if the logistics fan used meets the standards, you can use this device to test the temperature.


Permanent magnet industrial large ceiling fan: factors affecting the speed of logistics large fan

Nowadays, many factories, workshops, and large supermarkets are equipped with logistics fans because they not only cool and dehumidify, but also promote air circulation. However, after long-term use, it will still have many problems, and slow speed is one of the common problems. So, what is the slow rotation of the logistics fan? What are the factors that affect speed? The following is the answer given by the permanent magnet industrial ceiling fan. Let's take a look together.



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