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Is the number of blades related to fan quality?

2018/04/20 10:24
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Regardless of the configuration and manufacturing standards of oversized ceiling fans, the indicator for measuring the merits of oversized ceiling fans should be wind volume and coverage area under co
Regardless of the configuration and manufacturing standards of oversized ceiling fans, the indicator for measuring the merits of oversized ceiling fans should be wind volume and coverage area under comparable conditions (equivalent rotation speed, equivalent diameter) only in terms of wind efficiency.
With the advancement of technology, high-efficiency blades can produce the same amount, or even more air volume, with less number of blades. Just as in today's automotive industry, the displacement of automotive engines is gradually becoming smaller, but engine power and torque are still sufficient to drive large masses. For the same reason, as long as the same amount of wind and the same fan coverage area are produced, then the smaller the number of blades, the higher the wind efficiency of the fan blades. Even if starting from saving resources and protecting the environment, less should be encouraged. Number of leaves.
Heng Zhengtong's stamping process produces blades that are different from those of other peers in the extrusion manufacturing process. Its blades gradually narrow in the radial direction, become thinner and slightly twisted, and these characteristics make it possible to produce more under the same conditions. Large amount of wind.
We know that under the condition of the same rotation speed, the linear velocity of each point of the blade along the radius is very different. Take the example of a huge ceiling fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters, the linear velocity of the tip part is 7 times that of the root part. Such a large velocity difference If equal-width extruded blades are used, it will inevitably lead to very low wind efficiency in the root portion where the linear velocity is very low, and the center void phenomenon will often be formed.
However, the blade width of the blade of the Hengzhengtong blade with very low line speed is very wide, and the fan blade with a large size is used to supply air. However, the width of the blade at the blade tip with a high line speed is relatively narrow, and the blade with high linear velocity is used to send the blade. wind. This significantly improves the problem of non-uniform air supply to the blades and improves the wind efficiency of the blades.
In addition, the blades of Hengzhengtong gradually become thinner and slightly twisted in the radial direction, which makes the ratio of the static pressure and the dynamic pressure of the supply air of the blades gradual, and optimizes the air supply efficiency, thereby generating a larger amount of air supply.
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