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Is the higher the ceiling fan's aluminum model, the better?

2018/04/20 10:25
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Due to the R&D capabilities, manufacturing levels, test conditions, and blind configuration ratios of each of the large ceiling fan manufacturers, there has been a tendency to compete to improve the m
Due to the R&D capabilities, manufacturing levels, test conditions, and blind configuration ratios of each of the large ceiling fan manufacturers, there has been a tendency to compete to improve the marking of aluminum alloy profiles.
As a product that is closely related to security, ensuring the use of security is an unquestionable prerequisite!
The problem is that the higher the number of aluminum alloys, the safer it is.
In the case of the accidental fall of the most frequently occurring leaves of a large ceiling fan and the collision of the blades with external forces, for example, higher aluminum alloy material markings mean higher strength and hardness, and the blades may be thickened when subjected to external force. Equipped with ribs or high-grade materials without falling or damage, but this means that the energy generated by the collision is transmitted to the hub, the motor, and even the roof bearing beam, and the hidden danger is compared with the damage of the blade. It is clear at a glance.
Hengzhengtong's large ceiling fan blades are stamped from a 5052 aluminum magnesium alloy sheet. Due to the unique shape of the blade and the shape of the cavity, sufficient support strength can be formed without additional blade material thickness or built-in stiffeners to ensure that the blade tip does not sag and bend. In the event of an external impact, the blades are deformed due to the relatively soft material, effectively absorbing the collision energy, and combined with the unique hub rubber isolation rubber sleeve, effectively protecting the motor and building structure.
Hengzhengtong's hub parts and petiole parts are made of 6061-T6. To confirm the safety and reliability of materials and parts design, according to the short board theory, the weakest shaped sliding parts and blade sheets were selected and delivered to Shenzhen City. The Institute of Metrology, under the supervision bureau, conducted destructive pull tests. The results showed that the safety of the parts materials and design far exceeds the safety limits of general mechanical products.
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