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Extra large ceiling fans require power switch on the control box panel

2018/04/20 10:27
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The People's Republic of China on "National Electrical Equipment Safety Technical Specifications", GB 19517 - 2009,

2 safety technical requirements

2.6 Power Control and Hazard Protection

2.6.1 The
The People's Republic of China on "National Electrical Equipment Safety Technical Specifications", GB 19517 - 2009,
2 safety technical requirements
2.6 Power Control and Hazard Protection
2.6.1 The power supply of electrical equipment must be capable of being switched on, off or controlled so that it has maximum safety.
Therefore, the power switch must be easy to use and cannot be hidden; the use of the power switch must be convenient and preconditions cannot be set.
Hidden power switch security risks:
The control box is charged for a long time, shortening the service life of the equipment;
Can easily cause maintenance personnel to get an electric shock;
Unexpected conditions, such as fire, cannot quickly cut off the fan's power supply.
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