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Large ceiling fan configuration and cost performance?

2018/04/20 10:31
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As a ventilation and cooling product mainly used in production workshops and logistics warehouses, Hengzhengtong insists that proper configuration is a condition for maintaining vitality of products a
As a ventilation and cooling product mainly used in production workshops and logistics warehouses, Hengzhengtong insists that proper configuration is a condition for maintaining vitality of products and industries.
For geared motors, frequency converters that control the speed, international brands are selected and manufactured locally, which not only guarantees the international quality of the products, but also obtains a competitive supply price. At the same time, after-sales service can also be guaranteed. Blindly emphasizes that some parts are originally imported, and repeatedly emphasizes the luxury selection of non-key components. Super big names do not first consider whether they are genuine or not, that is, the convenience, timeliness and supply price of future parts and after-sales services may be uncertain. .
Heng Zhengtong’s selection criteria for key outsourcing components, such as geared motors and frequency converters, are:
International brand, international reputation, local wholly-owned factory production, global unified manufacturing standard products;
Successful applications in the industry, historic products;
In the Hengzheng-Tong factory, products that have been subjected to severe tests such as start-up/stop once every 5 minutes through continuous operation for several months;
Ensure reliable supply channels and eliminate counterfeit "international" products;
Low failure rate, low maintenance costs, and timely replacement of parts.
The cost-effective benefits of Hengzheng Tong products will ultimately be attributed to customers. Our judgment on the pros and cons of product configuration is not limited to the warranty period. No matter how long the commitment period of some manufacturers is, Hengzheng will consider the configuration standard throughout the product life cycle, even if it will be far longer than the warranty period. Even if Hengzhengtong may not be responsible for maintaining the insurance, we all hope that customers can use Hengzhengtong large ceiling fans with safety, low failure, low maintenance rate, low component cost, and timely supply of components.
We are making an effort to do this!
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