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Product Description




Max. rpm



Air volumes


Gross weight


4300 mm

85 rpm

1.1 kw

220 1Ph.

50/60 Hz.



126 kg


3700 mm

95 rpm

1.1 kw





Configurations & Technical Features




Gear Motor

Nord / GER

Speed Control

ABS control box,HNT inverter,LED display + press buttons。

FAW//REV, group control for option, remote control for option.

Motor Frame + Mount Kits

Middle motor frame, I beam structure, truss and concrete structures for option, powder plating.

Hub materials

Integrated steel hub, electric or powder plating

Technology on Hub

Rubber cushion for vibration isolated + cylinder with inserted slider,a bolts penetrating shaft and output axial to hold the hub + Hanging device for anti-falling.

Blade Materials

Double layer blade by punched process, material: cold rolled sheet, powder plating. Alum. sheet is for optional.

Blade Quantity

Standard : 4 blades,option : 3blades

Technology on Blade

Sliders and blade handle are meshing fixed to prevent blade breaking away.

For the radial, the blade is manufactured variable section and width, twisted attack angle and blade lip tilted up, all those features can increase air volumes, enlarge coverage


Outstanding Technology•HUB

Four groups cylinders inside inserting sliders at the edge of hub to form an integrated hub, which consists of extruded alum. parts, alum. model: 6061-T6

Each group consists of two cylinders, inside the cylinder a slider is inserted, the head of the two sliders become a meshing structure.

The head of the blade handle is inserted in above meshing structure, the sliders and handle are matched in shape.

The sliders and handle are fixed together by a bolt which penetrates through two sliders and handle head. The fixed handle will never break away from the sliders since the meshing structure.

The sliders are coated rubber cushions, which can absorb hitting energy, soften hitting impact, prolong hitting process. The rubber cushions are key device designed for anti-falling of blade.

Outstanding Technology •BLADE

Blade material : alum. 5052,1.5 mm in thickness. Formed by punched process.

The contour of the blade reflects the achievements of modern aerodynamics.


Due to its huge size, the blade velocity of each point along the radial shows amazing difference, the tip speed is sevenfold faster than that of root. The huge gap naturally requested a different contour against the velocity, which will substantially improve the air volumes and effective coverage. 


First, the root area of the blade is much wider than that of the tip, this will move more air by larger acreage. To the contrary, the tip area generates more air flows by higher velocity. 

Compared with those equal width blade, Honyton blade can even air volumes along the radial to produce more air volumes accordingly , and avoid central empty of air flows.

Second, the generally reduction of the attack angle along the radial is needed for better aerodynamic performance

Low velocity area, a larger angle will results in bigger static pressure, which is低速good for coverage.

High velocity area, a less angle will increase dynamic pressure, which will generate more air volumes.

Only Honyton blade, tallies with aerodynamic theory, its twisted angle, variable section and width etc.  can balance the complex requests for coverage and air volumes.

Finally, the blade tip is designed tilted up for about 3-5 degree, which will form a cone air curtain to enlarge the direct cover area, and naturally, enlarge the coverage of the fan. 


Limitation for Installation 

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